Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Rose

Excellent, fun trek to the top of Mt. Rose today with mostly blue sky.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The trail up to Horse Camp is in excellent shape.  Packed snow began shortly past the junction.  The snow began as packed and somewhat soft, lots of tree debris on the surface.  It quickly became what appeared to be several feet deep.  The beaten path was easy to follow for the most part, but other tracks wandered off here and there.  Watched for the orange ribbons, but it did not follow my Gaia gps track on the upper steep slopes, it went pretty much straight up and eventually joined the normal route just below the summit.  The snow was quite soft on our way down and it was easy to slip.  Many holes will create bigger hazards as the snow melts and continues to soften.  One party member punched into a tree well almost up to the hips, got out easily.

The short stretch of gravel road is okay, several potholes can be easily avoided.  Got to the trailhead about 8:45, only one tight spot was left.  Additional parking is available along the main road.  The honey bucket was in desperate need of maintenance.  No wildflowers out yet.  We used poles, micro-spikes most of the way up on the snow, would be very slick without them.  Just under 3 hours up, about the same coming down due to careful descent on the snow.  6.5 miles rt, 3500' gain.