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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Margaret's Way to Central and West Peaks

A fun adventure in the snow. This was meant to be a winter conditioning hike and we got more of a workout than we bargained for.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road is OK, but parking lots are still full of ice and snow. The gate to the Margaret's Way  parking lot was closed.  We walked over from the Wilderness Peak parking lot which was icy and snow packed, the short drive up was mostly melted when we left. Snow all the way on the trail starting with a few inches and  more than a foot of snow at our high point. Once we intersected with other trails, there was a packed down path. Streams were flowing but not icy. Blow down in places.

We had a fun snow adventure and got a workout. All hikers brought traction devices as requested - these were needed. The trail was beautiful in the snow. The conditions made for tough going so we shortened the route and turned around at the Bullitt Fireplace.  After a couple of weeks being housebound in the recent snow storm - this was a refreshing break!

Enjoying the wvewhikers