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Day Hike - Madrona & Leschi

Lovely evening up and down and up and down West Madrona. First time we'd seen Bellevue bathed in alpen glow at sunset across a still Lake Washington.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail...sidewalks, stairs and a little mud in Madrona Woods was most hospitable.  Only one rail needed repair.

The 6 to 7:45 pm 3-miler left time for extra gazing across Lake Washington as we twice descended to the water.  The Madrona Sally Mark Library and lakeside bathrooms were available.  Very little traffic except for Lake Washington Boulevard.  Headlamps needed only for safety as civil twilight struck as we finished the hike. Although city sidewalks and stairs would accommodate more than a dozen hikers, moving safely across intersections is best with a group no larger.  We always have a lead and a sweep with all participants invited to contribute commentary.

Seattle Stairways (2013) is the main guide by Seattle Walks (2017) is a first-rate companion with greater cultural, scientific and historical detail.