Trip Report    

Day Hike - Lower South Fork Skokomish River

We had great weather and an enthusiastic group. There were no problems.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • A couple of things come to mind. There is a stretch of the trail that is muddy with standing water. You can walk on logs to avoid the worst, and there are limbs to help with balance.

    Secondly, we came across a smoking campfire, which we extinguished with our spare water and dirt, separating the wood. We spoke briefly to the husband, wife and son on the way in, and could not believe they left this campsite the way they did.

We turned around at the  3.5 mile point as planned. This is  a beautiful area with a lot of old growth. The river is beautiful, very clear and cold.  If we had gone a bit farther we could have found a side trail that takes one to a spot where it is very shallow, enough to walk all the way across.