Trip Report    

Day Hike - Lizard & Lily Lakes Loop

A loop trip to Lizard Lake, Lily Lake and the high point in the Chuckanuts.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We couldn't start where the Alternate Incline trail leaves the BL-ML road, as we had intended, as the road is gated at the Upper Trailhead parking lot.  Instead we parked at the parking lot and started up the Lily Lizard trail.

Our loop consisted of the Lily Lizard trail, Lily Lake trail, Lizard Lake, the Lizard Lily Connector Trail, the North Butte Trail, a brief off-trail excursion to the high point of Blanchard Hill (inside closed contour 2250), Lily Lake,  then the Lily Lake trail back to  the Lily Lizard Trail.

A dry, if mostly cloudy, day. There were views from two viewpoints on North Butte, the more westerly of which offered a good 120 degree perspective to the north and west.  Even got a picturesque snow flurry at the latter.  The treed high point is marked by a USGS survey marker in a large rock approached through a notably open forest.