Trip Report    

Day Hike - Lime Kiln Trail

A nice hike in the woods along a river.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail was in great condition though given the recent rain there were muddy spots and puddles. There were branches and in one case a downed tree that were all easy to navigate through.

First, this trip report was originally meant to be for the Old Sauk Trail. The National Weather Service posted a weather warning about landslides and rivers being near or at flood stages. The Old Sauk Trail is a river hike and so the group decided to opt for a different location and the Lime Kiln Trail checked the boxes for being safer given the conditions and having a similar elevation profile as the original hike. We ended up stopping at the Lime Kiln in order to keep the distance similar.

Our group started the hike around 9 AM to a nearly empty parking lot. The rain was light and the wind wasn't blowing. The trail, as stated above, was generally in great condition despite all the rain we've been having.

As we hiked, we noticed that all the waterways were flowing quite hard. The South Fork Stillaguamish River, pictured below, was raging. The state of the river really made us feel good about changing the location of our hike.


We continued until we reached the Lime Kiln at which point we stopped for a break. It wasn't long after we started hiking that the rain really started to come down. The hike back was uneventful. It was a good thing we had our rain gear since we would've been thoroughly soaked otherwise. This made for a really great outing especially given the conditions.