Trip Report    

Day Hike - Lena Lake

After a late and snowy spring on the Hood Canal we had heard about a lot of snow on this trail. Hike leader Donna scouted it out on Sunday prior to our Monday hike to check on conditions first-hand - details below.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • I think this trail gets rockier every year as more and more foot traffic leads to more erosion (at least that's what my 65 year old body is telling me!).  The trail itself is in great shape with no trees down and lots of evidence of work to discourage/eliminate the cutting of switchbacks.  In scouting out the trail Sunday our trip leader found consistent, slushy snow from the second bridge for the half mile to the lake.  During Monday's hike so much snow had melted in the previous 24 hours that the snow in that area was intermittent, and even though we carried traction devises, we didn't need them and used our trekking poles for assistance through the snowy patches.  By now, on Tuesday, I would guess most of the snow has melted from the trail given the warm temperatures.  There was a lot of water on the trail in the usual places and some small waterfalls along the way that I hadn't seen on previous hikes.  

We were the first to arrive at the trailhead on this Monday morning about 7:45 for an 8:30 start time; roads were snow free and paved the entire way. By the time the participants for this hike arrived only one other person came and began his own hike.  We noted a lot of trillium in bloom along the trail as well as stream violets.  The stand of Fawn Lilly near the trailhead are up but probably 2 to 3 days from blooming.  I've seen orchids on the trail in the past and looked for them but didn't see any on this hike - I suspect its still a little early for them.  The many mosses and lichens along the trail are still lush and green.  The 7 mile hike took us about 4 hours car to car; the hikers new to this trail noted how "easy" the 1300 feet of elevation gain seemed due to the many switchbacks which made the elevation gain pretty gradual.  IMG_7773.JPG