Trip Report    

Day Hike - Lake George & Gobblers Knob

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Westside Road is in good condition with only a few potholes that aren't bad. Sedans can easily make the drive to the gate at Dry Creek. From there it's an easy, somewhat pleasant 4-mile walk to Round Pass and the Lake George trailhead.

    A stretch of the road was covered with what appears to be fairly new gravel. We didn't see any cyclists, but there were two bikes parked at the trailhead. You'd need knobby tires for the ride there; road bikes would have a rough time.

I was surprised to see a handful of other cars parked at the gate when I arrived at 7:30, but there was still room for us. It started out a bit chilly but we quickly shed a layer after walking a half hour or so. Lots of shady stretches kept us cool and comfortable and were a welcome relief coming back in the warmer afternoon.

We visited the Marine Memorial at Round Pass before heading out toward Gobblers and the lake. It's sobering to read what happened while viewing the Tahoma Glacier where so many of our servicemen died in 1946.



Before the memorial, we came across what looks like a former parking lot at a hairpin turn in the road. A strange object sat in the middle of the area, and I speculated that maybe it is still a parking lot - for unexpected visitors from far far away.



But alas, it turned out to be a protective cover for one of two solar powered earthquake monitors. We found the other one nearby that had lost its cover.



Lake George is beautiful, and word is that the fishing is good.


Last, but certainly not least, Gobblers Knob is well worth the effort! Views from the lookout are spectacular and provide a perspective of Mt. Rainier that is not seen very much. We had a leisurely break at the top and gobbled up the scene along with our lunch.





During the whole day we saw only two other hikers, one camper at the lake, and very few bugs. Things were dry and wildflowers were not at their prime, but there were lupine, twin flowers, pasque flowers, paintbrush, beargrass, and several others that I don't have a name for. Our time was a few minutes over 7 hours/13 miles rt and 2,750' elevation gain. In a nutshell, a most enjoyable hike with wonderful companions!