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Day Hike - Kennedy Creek

About 3 miles each way on logging Road 2700, with about twenty minutes spent on the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group's Kennedy Creek Salmon Trails, and a half mile each way on an unmaintained path to Kennedy Falls.

  • Road impassable/closed
  • We parked on the shoulder of Old Olympic Highway across the road from the gated and locked entrance to logging road 2700, which goes past the Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail and the path to the falls.  Other than the two locked gates, there were no obstructions or other problems with the logging road.  The path to the falls is on the right, shortly before the road crosses a large culvert.  The start of the path is marked by surveyor's tape and a pair of sneakers on a tree.  The Kennedy Creek Salmon Trails were all in good shape, with no blowdown or other issues. The path to the falls was wet in places, with some water running on the footbed, and some well-worn detours around muddy places, and around some blowdown.  The path was passable with no major obstructions.