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Day Hike - Kendall Katwalk

This is a strenuous hike to a dramatic spot where the trail is carved out of interesting, steeply sloped rock, the "katwalk." It's listed as 11 miles, but our GPS's recorded over 12 miles. The trail is the PCT route, so it is well graded and in good condition most of the time.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow free (it's been clear for over a week).

This was a strenuous hike, listed as 11 miles round trip, but really 12, and a 2700’ climb, on a wonderfully clear and balmy October day. The parking lot was full when we arrived at 9:00 and emptying as we left around 4:30. There are nice woods, fine views, and drama at the Katwalk. Along the way we stopped to think of Laurie Choate, who died on this hike in September. One of our party had brought flowers. The trail is in good condition, as befits the PCT, and was in heavy use this last good weekend in fall.

Kendall Katwalk