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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Harry's Ridge

The hike was relocated from Harry's Ridge to the Hummocks Trail and part of the Coldwater Lake trail, due to a late deterioration in the weather forecast for Harry's Ridge.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Both the Hummocks Trail and the Coldwater Lake trail were in good condition.

We met at the Johnston Observatory entrance as planned and obtained the local weather forecast for our hiking route.  Since the previous night the forecast for both wind and temperature had worsened substantially and fog blocked the view throughout our planned hiking route.  So we did the Hummocks Trail and part of the Coldwater Lake trail instead, where we were at a lower elevation, with higher temperatures, less wind and better views.   The total distance we hiked was eight miles, the same as the planned hike.    The elevation gain was less, about 300 feet versus 1000 feet on the planned hike.  The weather was overcast and there was intermittent rain.  After the hike we drove back to Johnston Observatory to see a film and listen to a ranger talk. Enroute home we had dinner at the Fire Mountain Grill, which had good food and good service.  The berry cobbler ala mode was especially popular.  The entire driving route was on good paved roads.  The restrooms at both  Coldwater Lake and Johnston observatory have flush toilets and hot air blowers and are well maintained.