Trip Report    

Day Hike - Greenwater & Lost Lakes

It was a beautiful day and a peaceful a hike through old growth forest to visit three different lakes. The trail crossed a section that burned in last year's wild fires and it was interesting to see the recovery of so many plants already underway.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The fourth foot bridge on the way into Greenwater Lakes is closed.  The adjacent ford was pretty muddy.


The day started with perfect hiking weather - partly cloudy with temperatures in the upper sixties.  We arrived at the trailhead with high expectation and were very disappointed to see that many of the cars parked overnight had been broken into.  However, the peace and serenity of the trail through old growth forest along the Greenwater River soon brightened our mood.

We noticed that the trail showed heavy use by stock but that was explained when we encountered a crew from the Tahoma Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen rebuilding the boardwalk at upper Greenwater Lake. It was interesting to see how the mules were loaded with packs full of sand and gravel that was being used to improve the trail footing for all users. 

Beyond Greenwater Lakes we had the trail to ourselves and did not see any other hikers all the way to Lost Lake.  The final ridge approaching Lost Lake was burned in last year's wild fires.  It was interesting to see which plants are already recovering and thriving.  We found a lovely lunch spot on the shore of Lost Lake and enjoyed the warm sun and beautiful view.

On the return trip, we made a side trip to Quinn Lake and found an abundance of fungi.  We found five different types of mushrooms in an area about 5 feet in diameter.  We were very sorry there wasn't someone knowledgeable in mycology in the group.