Trip Report    

Day Hike - Cedar Butte (Olallie State Park)

8am start, 32º, snow only 1-2" deep but refrozen following a sunny, warm day; hence, slippery.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • 8am start, 32º and ice/snow on the trail refrozen after yesterday’s sunny 50º Because these frozen conditions were interspersed with bare trail sections, going up it was tough to rationalize putting on microspikes. However after 1600’ elevation (just past the Boxley trail junction, before zigzags to summit), frozen conditions were continuous. Traction (poles and/or microspikes) were useful for descending this section of trail. 20230307_084927.jpgGoing up, we took the direct trail (the one that goes east-west). Before the junction with Boxley, were a couple blow-downs, but easy to get over. Going down, we took the longer trail which passes by the Boxley Blowout. Majority of the Boxley Blowout trail was snow covered, perhaps because trees in this part of the forest are less dense and there was more snow on the ground, here, to begin with (?)

Getting the two perspectives, coming and going, on the forest was nice.  The group did great with smiles all around. Total 4.25 mi, ~950’ cumulative elevation gain.