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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Boulder Butte via Purple Pass

Hiked Goode Ridge trail instead due to Purple Pass trail being closed due to proximity to fires.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Purple Pass trail was closed due to it's proximity to Cresent Fire. 

    We opted to do Goode Ridge Trail - for which you drive to the end of Stehekin Valley Road and pick up the PCT going North.  The PCT trail is in good condition - very small area that was burned out a while ago.  At Bridge Creek, the Goode Ridge trail starts.  The trail is a pack trail - so it goes up relentlessly with lots of switchbacks.   Trail is easy to follow.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for old growth forests.  After about 3 miles up, views start appearing.  The trail also gets a bit 'brushier' 2-3 miles in - but very easy to follow.  Two logs to climb over (minor).  Views from the top, where the fire tower use to be, are very good - and make sure to look all over - the northern view has an alpine lake and long waterfall - a view that is easy to miss and incredibly nice.

    Once leaving Bridge Creek, there were no significant water sources.   Total miles 17-18.  Elevation gain ~5,488'