Big Heart Lake Panorama.jpg

Trip Report    

Day Hike - Big Heart Lake

Long trip, passing many alpine lakes, but easily done in a day during the Summer.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road is now, very recently, opened to the trailhead.  Trail is easy to follow all the way but a few trees down above Copper lake did have us searching for the trail so we did some clearing, to make it easier, on our way down.  Some brush growing over the trail between Trout and Copper lakes but tread is visible and the trail is getting plenty of use.

After having made four trips (about 3 miles in) to clear trees off the trail this Spring, we were surprised and pleased to find the huge road-blocking slide cleared and the long trip to Big Heart Lake a bit shorter. We departed from the trailhead at 0830 and arrived at Trout lake an hour later. Then we passed Copper lake around noon, where some were camping and enjoying a dip in the crystal clear water on a sunny, warm day. Passed Little Heart lake about 1315. But if you don't look for it you might not see it beyond the trees. We arrived at our destination about 1445 and enjoyed the views from the log-jammed outlet while having lunch and snapping more photos.
Heading down (about 1530) we stopped to clear some limbs covering the trail. Arthur used his pruning saw while Shelby and I cleared off the cut limbs. There are several big trees down over the trail between Copper and Big Heart lake. But navigation is now a little easier with a more visible trail. We arrived at the trailhead about five hours after departing Big Heart lake.
The wildflowers are now in bloom and the scenery is wonderful in the Alpine Lakes area. So don't forget you camera. Lots of water along the route. A few small snow patches around the high point near 4900' but nothing to keep you from following the trail down to Big Heart Lake at 4545'. The trail is easy to follow but could use some brushing out below Copper lake. We did notice the recent, nice, trail repair through the avalanche/slide area before Trout lake.