Trip Report    

Day Hike - Big Creek Loop (Lake Cushman)

Destination was changed from Copper Creek due to weather and conditions. Nice day out in light rain, beautiful rain forest-like trail.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail is in good shape, although muddy in places as expected with a great deal of rain.  Tremendous amount of water flowing fast and furious in the creek and all the streams feeding it, in some places close to trail level.  The trolls are gone.

The campground is closed, parked at the entrance. Bathrooms are locked. Took the connector trail to the Mt. Ellinor junction, this added over three miles rt to the whole loop and another 1,000' plus el gain.  Snow on trail began around 2,700'.  The Ellinor trail was covered with couple inches of mushy snow.  Overall, a very beautiful, lush green hike.