Trip Report    

Day Hike - Alpine Lookout/Round Mountain

Moderate hike to a nice lookout with good views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The turn off for FR6910 comes up quickly after passing the Nason Creek Rest Area.  Look for the mailboxes and turn quickly.  A temporary bridge is in place for the washout, but a ranger at the Skykomish Ranger Station advised it will be removed when the season closes.  Not sure when that will be so call before going.   FR6910, a gravel road is in good shape all the way to the Round Mtn trailhead.

    There are some deep ruts on the trail due to motorbikes.  Easy to get around, but trail does need some work in sections due to this.  We met 2 riders along the way who were very polite.

The drive up FR 6910 is beautiful.  Brilliantly colored vine maples usher us up the 4.5 miles to the Round Mtn trailhead.  The 3 of us depart the TH at about 8:40am. 44245462655_2b8b779957_o.jpg  After 1.6miles we arrive at the junction to the Nason Ridge trail.  We're surprised to see about 1/2" of snow.44245460105_22905c442d_o.jpgMuch of ridge's views are obscured by trees, but we get occasional southern and western views.  The new snow makes the peaks look prettier.44245457585_d729121ac8_k.jpgWe make a short .3 mile detour to summit Round Mtn, but there is not much of a view from there.  Soon we arrive at Nine Mile Saddle and we can see our destination ahead.  44245456495_560bc20b1c_o.jpgFrom here it's .6 miles to Alpine Lookout.  Unfortunately the sun is behind clouds and the lookout is closed so we don't stay long as it's chilly.30218599577_341057cc6a_o.jpgView from lookout.30218593297_66b8ca0fa4_o.jpgLooking east at Lake Wenatchee and across to Dirtyface Lookout.
44435449724_7313812545_o.jpgBy the time we're back at Nine Mile Saddle, most of the snow is gone.  We stop at a viewpoint not far before the Round Mtn/Nason Ridge junction and enjoy more views and sun for an hour.  Nice views of Rock Mtn, Mastiff and Howard.30218586867_30c24420c5_o.jpgViews we were unable to see due to the low clouds on our ascent of the Round Mtn trail are clear on our return.45108315242_f853ef314d_o.jpgBack at the car by 4pm and off to Monroe for dinner.  A nice leisurely day in the mountains.