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Cypress Peak/North Ridge (British Columbia)

We attempted this scramble July 11th but was turned back short of top of the boulder field in heavy rain, wind, and fog.
Several notes related to the approach and scramble route. Once you turn off the main highway (which is not an overly obvious turn off) the gravel road directions are a bit off from reality. The 2nd Left turn is difficult to determine and we passed it and tried several spurs before coming up with the correct road. topo map helps considerably to guide you to the correct road, the last 1.5 miles of which were passable only with high clearance vehicles (a Subaru awd vehicle could not make it past this point).

Additionally, after parking, on the road walk approach new logging operations have occurred up here and extends the road about 1/2 mile farther than the route description from the book (but they didn't spend a penny on any road work from what we could tell). do NOT follow it to the very end. Once you hit a rougher section of the road close to its obvious end, do not go up hill on the road. Instead look for the shortest section of brush bashing you can find to get down leftward to the creek. This brush is exceptionally thick so the shorter your stay in it the happier the group will be.

one across the first braid of the creek look for a faint, but gradually improving climbers trail to take you up the scree and towards the summit area. While we did not get beyond this point it appeared that the route would be very pleasant and obvious in clear skies and no rain/wind.