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Trip Report    

Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl

Good trip overall. Snow was plentiful.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Groomers were working to roll and set track but because of the large dump of snow in past week the trails were a bit on the rough side but very skiable. Tracks weren't set on all trails but probably will be by Sunday 2/21 I suspect unless expected snow overnight is too much. 

We had some gentle snow in large flakes for the first couple of hours that helped with the students snow plow efforts. This was needed because we did the Challenge Loop and except for a couple of falls, everyone made it up and down successfully. The Challenge Loop is not a loop to take beginners unless they are fit, willing, have a decent mastery of snow plow AND the snow conditions are right as described.  This loop is a hard one for experienced skiers if the conditions are icy.  I'm not sure it is even worth it if those conditions exist....personal opinion.

Sno-Park Permits:  Make sure you have them.  They patrol and ticket.

Meet up time:  we met at 8AM because the Sno-Parks are filling up really early on the weekends.  When we left about 12:00 the park rangers had closed access to the parking and were directing people away to other options.  (Hyak was full also).  If skiing on weekends at one of the snow parks I would plan on an 8AM meet/start time at the latest.  Weekday can probably get away with a 9-9:30 meet/start timed