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Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl

Large volumes of new snow made for a generally great skiing experience, coupled with an inside lunch enjoyed at Meany Lodge

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Given the volume of new snow the previous week, it was not surprising that the groomers had not yet gotten to the P2C south of Crystal Springs, nor to the dogsled trails at the start of the trip. They were out grooming by the afternoon however. Snowmobiles are not following the voluntary non-motorized status of the trails and open areas where they are marked on the map however.

Small party, but successful day skiing and enjoying all the fresh snow received this last week. Because of conditions as described above, we did not make it as far as the Whittier Tunnel, but now that it is groomed, future parties may be more successful. Meany Lodge makes a pleasant spot to stop for lunch. Thanks!