Trip Report    

Cross-country Ski - Echo Ridge

Now that Echo Ridge grooming is on Nordic Pulse, planning the ski route was better than previous trips.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • We chose to ski the trails those have been groomed the night before. The routes we skied on the first and second day are shown below (highlighted).

    EchoRidge 1.PNG

    EchoRidge 2.PNG really helped for the route planning.  Although the trails have been groomed, some of them were a bit icy.  Upper Ridge trail, which is a black run, was  icy and a bit hazardous. The wind blown snow also covered part of some trails. But for the most part of our skiing, we had blue sky and enjoyable ski trails.

Since there is no reception at Echo Ridge  I choose to meet at the Riverwalk Inn in Chelan  (in case somebody needs to reach me). It is also warmer to do the pre-trip introduction and trip logistic indoor.  Another reason to meet there,  it is a good place to carpool up to Echo Ridge parking lot  for those who either don't have a suitable car for or uncomfortable driving on a snow icy road.

We arrived at Echo Ridge upper parking lot around 10:00 AM. After getting ready and putting on our skis, we skied up No-Where to hide trail.  The trail was groomed really nicely and we had a grand view of  Chelan and the valley.P2240002.JPG

P2240019.JPGAfter skiing up and down  it was time we stopped for lunch.  After lunch at Chaos Corner we decided that we should ski Nuthatch trail  back to the parking lot.  Back in Chelan, some spent the spare time we had in a brewery, some looking at chocolates in Bear Food Market and some relaxing in the Inn, before dinner at Local Myth pizza.

Day two started the same way, we met at Riverwalk Inn and went to Echo Ridge upper lot.  This time we skied the  Southern portion of the ski trails. Nuthatch and Chickadee trails to Grand Junction.  We were the first to ski the wonderfully groomed Grand Drop and down to Outer Rim. IMG_8423.jpg We skied Alley Oop trail  clockwise to get to Purte View and had lunch with the view of lake Chelan. IMG_8433.jpg

The final stretch of our route was to climb back up from Chaos Corner to Grand Junction through Windzinger trail and back to the parking lot via Upsy-Daisy.

I really enjoyed the group and would not hesitate to  ski with them again. I hope they feel the same.