Trip Report    

Cross-country Ski - Echo Ridge

The first time we skied ungroomed trails at Echo Ridge. Luckily everybody brought suitable skis A 2 days ski instead at Echo Ridge area.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Jan 27, 2021 we skied the snow mobile route up to North Junction.  The snow mobile route was skiable with the amount of snow we had. Some portions were pretty steep and undulating.

    Jan 28, 2021 we skied the Echo Ridge trails from the lower lot. Although the report said that the trails were groomed with tracks, we did not find any track and limited amount of trails were groomed.

    Echo Ridge Map:

It was snowing the night before the trip and it kept up till the morning hours. I have been checking the road condition report.  The last report said that the road to the trail heads was closed and they expected the road to be open by 11:00 AM. We left Chelan at 10:00 AM and by  11:00 AM the Forest Service Road was still closed and I did not know when it will be open. After checking around at the end of the paved road on Echo Valley, we decided to park there and ski the snow mobile trail up to North Junction. The day turned out to be a blue bird day.  We had a blast coming down the trail.

North Junction

Since we did not do much of skiing the day before, we decided to try to ski Echo Ridge trails the next day. It has been snowing all night up to the morning hours. There was no report whether the forest service road was open.  But we decided to go ahead and checked it out. At the end of the paved road we met with the person who plowed the FS road, and he gave us the OK. We made it to the lower parking lot.  Needles to say that all the groomed trails which were groomed the night before have been covered with new snow.  We skied  Nuthatch, Windsinger, Alley Oop and Purte View before heading back on Nuthatch back to the parking lot, about 6 miles RT.