Trip Report    

Cross-country Ski - Amabilis Mountain

Into the heart of winter we skied!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We arrived pretty early at the SnoPark to avoid the crowds that are common these days.  Putting on skis, we headed up the road toward Amabilis.  As we approached the Y after about an hour of skiing, we encountered the groomer coming off the left side, and beginning up the right side.  We gave him a bit of time and then followed him up right.  After another hour or so of skiing we came to the end of his grooming.  Initially, we went to the right and explored out to a viewpoint I remembered.  However, the forecast for sunny skies had never materialized and with the wind, we all were chilled, so we returned and then worked to navigate across the ungroomed section in the trees to connect with the left-sided track.  We briefly went towards the actual summit of Amabilis, but winds on that side and very poor visibility made us retreat.  So we bundled up and headed off the mountain.  A good day snow-wise with beautiful flocking and rime ice up high, but cold and windy conditions.  No matter, always good to be out on skis!