Trip Report    

Cross-country Ski - Amabilis Mountain

Skied to "Y" then went up to the right, un-groomed and down the left road, groomed.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • I-90 was clear and dry.  Sno-Park was packed with cars.

10.5 miles, 2100' gain. Started at 9:15 AM; total time 5 hrs.

Skied up freshly groomed road to "Y" about half way to top, then took un-groomed road to the right following ski tracks to the top. At the top went off-road, east across the top to the road that is left road at the "Y". This road had been groomed a few days earlier. From top to the bottom we had a groomed road to ski with packed, but not icy snow. An easy ski with only the occasional snowplow to control speed.

Warmish and sunny at the top for lunch. Cold going down. Warmer at the top. Cold at the bottom.

Small group of three.

Winter beauty, see picture.


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Margaret Albrizio
Margaret Albrizio says:
Jan 16, 2017 07:12 PM

About 1/4 mile up the Amabilis route was a brand new Subaru with front chains stuck in the snow along the side. Don't know what the driver had in mind....must have followed GPS rather than common sense. Car was still stuck in the same place on the way down.