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Cornet Bay to Skagit Island

  • Wed, Apr 29, 2015
  • Cornet Bay to Skagit Island
  • Sea Kayaking

Sunday 4/26/15- launched at 8:30. Due to winds and currents we chose to hug the Whidbey shoreline around to Ala Spit rather than cross to Skagit. We stopped at Hoypus Point for some boat adjustments, proceeded to Ala Spit for a stretching break then ferried across to Hope on a waning flood. Paused on the north side of Hope at the campground for a leisurely lunch then paddled back across to Ala Spit on a building ebb. Encountered a bit of disturbed water with the current and wind but all the students passed this test with flying colors. Paddled back around Hoypus, did some rescue practice in that area (planned and unplanned), and then circled Cornet Bay by Ben Ure Island, through the docks and boats back to the boat ramp at about 2:30. Estimated 7+ NM overall. Good weather, no rain, overcast, some wind but not overpowering. Excellent first student paddle experience.