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Copper Mountain/East Ridge (Olympics)

This trip report is for the Route 1, Grade I, Class 2 via Wagonwheel Lake out of the Olympics Climbing Guidebook.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Date: 10/22/2016

Weather: Partly/Mostly Cloudy 55 degrees

Party members: 2 Basic Climbing Graduates

Trip report:

Started from TH at about 8AM. Made Wagonwheel just before 10 AM. Headed right (south) around the lake where the trail peters out. And ascended the gully to the south of the lake and headed east out of the gully following old orange blaze. After heading east out of the first gully we tried to follow the blaze tape but were not able to locate more of it. We ended up climbing too high on in the second gully at around 4,800'.  We traversed southeast towards Copper's North Peak avoiding head walls and looking for orange blaze along the way. We were able to locate blaze again just as we spotted the north peak. We continued SSE until we were able to see Copper's main peak and the heather slopes. We ascended the slopes to the heather gully leading to the notch on the north ridge. Easy class 2/3 scrambling south to the summit. Don't forget to sign the register.


We were able to follow the blaze a bit further down to the second to last gully before the gully above Wagonwheel but were still unable to surmise where the "trail" was above the first gully. 

7 hours round trip from the car. 


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Ross Hemphill
Ross Hemphill says:
Mar 02, 2020 01:01 PM

This trip report is for the typical route, not the less common "East Ridge." (However, it seems our website lacks a "Route" for the Wagonwheel side.)

Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman says:
Mar 08, 2020 10:50 AM

Thanks, Ross! I added to our existing and now titled, "Wagonwheel Lake & Copper Mountain route/place and switched this trip report to it.