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CHS - North Cascades Campout - Thornton Lakes

Hike primary in the forest until you get to junction to Thornton Lakes and Trappers Peak.

  • Road rough but passable
  • First part of the trail is on a decommissioned road, then becomes an actual trail. It has a lot of roots, but still in pretty good condition. Water crossings are minimal and there is a nice bridge across the creek.

    The 700ft of trail from the saddle down to the lake is really rocky and has lots of roots. It kind of feels like your on the verge of scrambling. The lake is stunning and worth the effort!

    There is a privy at the trailhead!

No permits are required at this trailhead, but the lake and Trappers Peak is technically in the National Park. No animals allowed.

Weather was overcast during our hike and then it started raining when we got back to the car.

Views minimal of any mountaintops but the lake was stunning! I've heard it has fantastic trout fishing too.