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Trip Report    

CHS - Mt. Rainier Campout - Summerland & Panhandle Gap

Wild flowers are at the start of their bloom. There is a new bridge installed from Summerland to Panhandle Gap. Hooray!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •  Trail is in good condition. Both stream crossings have bridges! There is  patchy snow the last 300 feet to Panhandle Gap, but they aren't very big and you can choose to use microspikes or not. My group was mixed. The part that I was most concerned about (2nd patch of snow you cross) was only about 20-30ft. Last year when we hiked for CHS, this entire area was in snow with a +35 snow slope angle. It was challenging.

 The chipmunks can be pests at the group shelter/bathroom in Summerland. So keep an eye on your packs and food. These animals aren't shy. We also had 6 marmots running around the same area too as well as a mountain squirrel.