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Trip Report    

CHS Alumni Hike - Tiger Mountain Trail

Planned hike to Murat's Bridge in rainy weather. Large tree has fallen across the trail hindering access

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • A large tree has fallen across the trail about 2 miles in  from the start of the TMT trail when traveling south from the High Point trail head off of I-90, exit 20.  While we hiked up the embankment to circumvent the tree,  we  chose not to try to hike down the other side as weather conditions were wet and rainy and the embankment downside was muddy and slick.  The downed tree is after the first couple of  wooden bridges, but prior to the intersection of the TMT with K-3. 

Hike was done in the rain, but fine as there is reasonable tree canopy on this trail.  Trail tread was generally good with a few muddy spots and a couple of fallen trees trunks ( up to 1 foot diameter) which are easily crossed as they lie perpendicular to the trail.  However, the newly fallen tree (wasn't there 10 days ago) is more problematic and would suggest that an alternative route be taken if the destination is the K-3 trail or Murat's bridge.