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Trip Report    

CHS 2 Hike - Snoquera Palisades

Water was running too high at first crossing. We switched to Little Ranger Creek.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The first water crossing on the Snoquera Palisades trail was running too high and unsafe. We switched to the Little Ranger Creek trail which was in good condition with a few blow down easily got around until the spur trail to the view which had a lot of blow down, but still passable. We added Snoquera Falls. The first part of the trail was under water, then good conditions to the junction with the White River trail and quite a bit of blow down issues after that.

Three hikes in one day! We abandonedHikers in front of waterfall Snoquera Palisades because the water was running too high at the first crossing. Very sobering - later that afternoon, we met hikers who earlier in the day had rescued a man from drowning at that spot. He was laying with his head downstream and unable to lift his head as he was wedged against a log. So glad they were there to help.

We went to the Little Ranger Creek trail and had lunch at the view spot. It was a beautiful woodland hike but we felt we had missed out on a waterfall. So we added the trail to Snoquera Falls. Throughout the day we had rain, snow, hail and sun. We got a good conditioning hike and had a good time.

Everyone stay safe please!