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Trip Report    

CHS 2 Hike - Pratt Lake Trail

A 9.6 mile/3005ft ramble probing the snow line on the Pratt Lake trail, the trail down to Ollalie Lake, and up the Granite Mt Trail.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We encountered snow at the 3800ft on the Pratt Lake trail.  Creeks were running high at the trail crossings, though all were manageable, but would recommend trekking poles for the crossing 1.3 miles from the trailhead.

There was ample parking at the trailhead when we arrived at 8AM on this Father's Day/Juneteenth Sunday.  Our original plan was to hike to Pratt Lake, but we encountered snow at the 3800ft level on the Pratt Lake trail and almost immediately had some minor post-holing due to melt water running under the snow.  We backtracked down to the trail to Ollalie Lake, but again encountered snow about 1/4 mile from the trail junction.  We returned to the Pratt Lake trail and descended to the Granite Mt trail, and completed our hike by going up to the first avalanche chute crossing and back down, then returning to the Pratt Lake trailhead.  No snow up to our turn-around point on the Granite Mt trail.  Roughly 9 miles round trip and 3000ft gain.