Trip Report    

CHS 1 Hike - Squak Mountain: Bullitt Fireplace Access

Debbie's View to West Peak to Bullitt Firepace, the route less traveled

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Rain all day. Encountered mud and wet roots on the trail.  I gave a "4" rating but I'm biased, as Squak Mountain is my favorite amongst the Issaquah Alps.

We had the mountain to ourselves and didn't see another person all day. 50º and gentle, liquid sunshine the entire day. Started at the Bullitt Fireplace TH on Mountainside drive to Debbie's View to West Peak to Central Peak. Then Phil's Creek to Eastside trail and back to TH.  GPS said 6.7 miles and ~1600' elevation gain. The most challenging part was ascending and descending West Peak. Lots of wet roots and short sections of straight up or down. Thankful for hiking poles and boots with good traction. This is the route less traveled between Debbie's View and Bullitt Fireplace 💖 At Bullitt Fireplace there's a sizable mud puddle at the eastern edge, but that's just the beginning of the mud encounter. From the east end of the Bullitt fireplace ruins, there's a Y-intersection where the Bullitt Fireplace trail goes left and a more direct route to Central Peak goes to the right. We took the later trail and it was pretty much mud the entire way. Return trip via Summit→Phil's Creek→Eastside was uneventul, but this is where we encountered the most fallen trees across the trail. No difficulties going under or over them, and some trunks had a slash cut into them as a foothold.