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Trip Report    

Chelan Lakeshore Trail

Backpacked Prince Creek to Moore Point camp day 1, Moore Point to Purple Point camp at Stehekin day 2, hike up Purple Creek trail day 3, hike up Stehekin road day 4.

  • Fri, Apr 28, 2023 — Mon, May 1, 2023
  • Chelan Lakeshore Trail
  • Backpacking
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Creek crossings were more challenging than last year.    Got wet feet frequently though it was hot enough that my trail runners dried easily.    Poles were helpful on the crossings.

    The crossing of Purple Creek on the Purple Creek trail (optional sidetrip) was quite high volume and swift, on steep terrain, so turned around.

    Didn't see any ticks, rattlesnakes, bears.  Saw deer, chipmunks, woodpecker, goose, sandhill cranes, grouse, ducks, spotted towhee, bluebird, robins, other songbirds, other shorebirds, etc.

    Arrowleaf balsamroot, chocolate lily, waterleaf, dogwood, calypso orchid, glacier lily, snowbrush, red flowering currant, paintbrush, kinnikinnik, Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, etc. were seen.

    Harlequin camp is in good condition according to a couple who camped there.    Shuttle is not running yet, but a rainbow falls tour is running with the shuttle bus.   Bakery not open yet for the season.  There was a wedding there over the weekend. 

    Fire crews were doing controlled burns 3-4 miles upriver.    

    Bike rental is cash only this time, more expensive than last year, honor system, and bike selection is disappointing (many sizes, 2 models when i was there).    I skipped the bike rental.

    Lakeview camp, Purple Point camp, Moore Pt camps are in good condition.    I stayed at Moore Pt camp and Purple Pt camp.   Camping was free pre-season.    Restaurant and store are open.   Fuel is not available.  Visitor Center closed, but porch is open.   Instructions were to sign into logbook on porch with name and where you are camping.   Wilderness camping permits also available on the porch.     

    Trip report written to provide up to date info, though it was not a Mountaineers trip.

Parking was $7 per night at Fields point, same as last year.   Plenty of parking.  Office opened about an hour before boat departed.    There were no envelopes available to pay before office opened.

Lady of the Lake ferryboat tickets are purchased online in advance of your trip.    

There is construction approaching turnoff to hwy 97 north at Wenatchee.   Take exit for 97 north, then turn off onto Alt 97 north at sign.   Later turn left onto hwy 971.   Turn right at Fields Point sign.   It took about 3.5 hours from Issaquah.