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Chair Peak/Northeast Buttress (winter)

Three factors contributed to our decision to turn around:
1. We took the summer trail which continued to split and eventually petered out. This made for very slow going.
2. The snow was crisp in the parking lot, so we left the snowshoes behind. This made the going even slower.
3. We saw a small avalanche coming down Bryant. This was at 9am. At this point we had already decided to turn around because we had been planning to be on the route no later than 9am but we were only at Source Lake Basin. Independent of #1 and #2 we would have decided to turn around in light of the avy activity.

We started early (5:45am) from the TH, but next time I would start even earlier in similar weather conditions. In addition, it would be better to do this route on a colder and preferably overcast day to make for better avy conditions. Forecast had been moderate.