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Trip Report    

Cathedral Peak & Amphitheater Mountain

Great climbing trip into the Pasayten Wilderness. Picked up Andrew, Cathedral, Amphitheater, Andrew, Amos and Remmel.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trails were in great shape, downed trees cut out, probably because this is a horse trail.  Boy Scout cabin at the Tungtsen Mine was open and could be used as a shelter (we did not use).  We did a clockwise loop on the trail.

Left town early morning, started from the trailhead near Windy Creek (shorter, but 1.200' elevation gain coming back).  Hiked 11 miles to the Tungsten Mine taking the Chewack and Tungsten trails, set up camp.  Cold night as this Labor Day weekend was cold and breezy.  Set out early next morning, dropped packs and scrambled Apex, hiked on over to Cathedral Pass, dropped packs and climbed Cathedral.  Climbing path and route pretty easy to follow, when you get to the main upper split/gap and can see the crux ahead, climb on up left to top of ridge, then traverse over to the gap that is the crux of the climb.  Some will want a rope.  I found slithering down and to the right had good footholds and handhold, was able to scramble up and down without a rope.  Descended and at lunch at the beautiful lake.  Hiked on around to entrance of Amphitheater basin, decided to climb all the summits on the ridge, so scrambled up to the left, traversed the ridge all the way around to the true summit.  Descended and camped at Remmel Lake.  Next day climbing partner wanted to get Andrew and Amos, so we took 6 hours and got those peaks.  Then packed up and headed to base of Remmel, where we set up camp.  Was 4:30pm, we still had energy and knew there was a trail to summit of Remmel, so we decided to scramble it that evening and hike down in the dark.  Nice summit, old lookout site, weather had some snowclouds blowing in below us, nice sunset rainbow!  We put on headlamps at dark, and hiked another couple of hours back to camp, arriving 9:30pm. Hiked out the next day.

While we did the trip in 3 days, this could be a nicer 5 day trip, with some time at the lakes, resting and taking in the scenery.