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Camp Muir & Anvil Rock

Trip Date: Saturday May 16, 2015

Trip log:

Trail conditions:
Snow was soft even starting out in the morning, and only softened up more during mid-day. We all wore crampons from the base of Marmot Hill, mostly to give participants experience wearing crampons for most of the ascent. Snow is soft enough though that it's not really needed. I personally wouldn't mind wearing snowshoes for the trip --but that's just me since I'm a snowshoer.
We started out in fog with only 50-75 meter visibility. The fog broke a little bit past the rock 'shelter', past that was blue sky's with intense sun. On the descent the fog was just past McClure Rock.

Leaders Reflections:
Everyone made Camp Muir!
Getting an early start was nice to be ahead of the caravan.
The group elected to omit Anvil Rock.
We spent a little over an hour just hanging out at Camp. Great view of Adams and Goat Rocks. Mount Saint Helens was below the cloud cover. The sun was intense, but felt so good!
On the way up, just a little bit past McClure Rock, we got to see a silver fox coming towards us, that stopped about 40 meters to play with someones garbage --it was rather comical. It took off heading towards Paradise Glacier after 5-10 minutes. Ended up picking up all the garbage on the way down.
I failed to put on enough sunscreen on the back of my head, and got sunburnt, to the point of blisters. I usually have a bandanna draped over the back of my head, but forgot. I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen; next time I need to embrace the love.
The last leg to Camp Muir from Moon Rock remains a mental challenge for most people: so close, yet that altitude kicks in, and everyone starts to slow down.