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Cabin Creek

Breaking trail after the season's first decent snowfall. A very fun adventure, atypical of the normally fast and well groomed system at Cabin Creek. Almost no skaters due to the deep ungroomed snow.

  • Sat, Jan 6, 2024
  • Cabin Creek
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Successful
  • Snow and ice on road
  • 8 to 10" of fresh snowfall overnight and the night off for the groomer meant breaking trail with snow up to the shins.  All the hills could be bombed straight down due to the heavy snow slowing you down.  About halfway through Viking other skiers passed us and the going was much faster in other's tracks.  Once we got to the I-90 Loop, the groomer came by on a snowmobile and laid tracks and a 4 foot wide trail.  This was faster, but more challenging coming downhill.  By late morning there were hundreds of kids from Momentum practicing for the races the following day. 

    breaking trail.jpg