Trip Report    

Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain

We visited Skyscraper Mtn and Fremont Lookout

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

This was posted as a hike for 8/27/15, not scramble as we were planning to summit Skyscraper only. Beautiful weather on this fairly leisurely day. I let the group pretty much go at their own pace. We saw a herd of 15 goats on a mountainside just past Frozen Lake. Lost one participant because he missed the turn off from the main trail to the summit, but we weren't too worried as he was not a novice hiker and we knew he would turn around, which he did. We found a participant (or rather he found us)on the summit who missed us at the Sunrise parking lot. Lots of people on the summit. Since we reached the summit before noon, we decided to go to Fremont Lookout too. Lots of people there also. One person's GPS read a total of 11mi/2700'gain for the day. Nice group,lovely way to spend a Thursday.