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Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain

Trip was on 6/6/2015 that started and ended at White River Campground and was done as a loop for lots of variety as well as sublime views. This made for a significantly more strenuous day (~15 miles and ~5300' elevation gain) than the usual start location of Sunrise. Left 'Glacier Basin to Burroughs trail' at 6400' for cross country travel into basin SSE of 3rd Burroughs until able to ascend talus slope almost due N to reach gentle ridge ESE of summit at ~7650'. Used standard routes from 3rd to 2nd Burroughs, 2nd to Skyscraper Mt. Followed Wonderland trail to Frozen Lake junction (nasty runout on snow slope at Skyscraper pass was easily avoided by descending rocky ridge just south of the trail). Descended to White River Campground via Shadow Lake Campground and Wonderland Trail. Encountered no other human beings until Skyscraper Pass. Very low snow conditions, trail from Glacier Basin to 2nd Burroughs was snow free, as was the ridge to Skyscraper Mt. Total time was ~11 hours with ample breaks at 3rd Burroughs, 2nd Burroughs, Skyscraper Mt, and Frozen Lake junction.