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Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain

Strenuous scramble to summits of 3rd Burroughs, 2nd Burroughs, and Skyscraper Mountain starting at White River Campground to vet participants of future one day climb of Eldorado. Trip was ~15 miles and ~5300' elevation gain and took advantage of mystical white out conditions to practice navigation skills using map, compass, and altimeter (no gps) to all three summits. Went cross country from Glacier Basin-Burroughs trail at ~6400 on westerly bearing until ~7100', then straight up fall line (~WNW) to reach ridge crest at 7600' before heading to 3rd Burroughs summit. Descended to 3rd-2nd Burroughs saddle to regain trail to 2nd Burroughs summit. Followed 2nd Burroughs - Skyscraper Ridge to reach Skyscraper Mountain. Reviewed glacier gear before roping up to practice 'clip-trick' on pickets placed on steep snow slope on east side of Skyscraper pass (of particular utility for summit ridge of Eldorado). Followed Wonderland trail through Berkeley Park to Frozen Lake Pass before descending to White River Campground by way of Shadow Lake. Total time was ~10.5 hours.