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Budd Inlet

  • Wed, Feb 3, 2016
  • Budd Inlet
  • Sea Kayaking

The trip was supposed to be a long trip from Mud Bay to Olympia, but we changed our plans due to wind. We launched from Boston Harbor and headed south, with the plan to get the needed distance for the Inlets paddle Pin. We paddled into a 14mph headwind to Gull Harbor, where we rested and looked at the birds in the distance. Next we continued south to Priest Point Park, and had lunch on the beach. The PBJ sandwich was the best ever! We averaged about 2 knots into the wind, and we were ready to get a tailwind.
After lunch we crossed to the west side of the inlet at channel marker #5, and headed northwest up the Olympia Channel to Olympia Shoal. We all greatly enjoyed the tailwind. Proceeding north along the west shore to a point due west of Gull Harbor, we started to cross the inlet back to Boston Harbor in a gentle rain. During the crossing we saw amazing Rainbows. With the sun directly at our backs, we could see the rainbows end to end, with deep colors against the dark sky.
Once back in Boston Harbor, we followed Tacoma Sea Kayaking tradition and practiced rolls and rescues. We debriefed at dinner in Olympia.
This trip meets the criteria of paddling at least seven miles of unrepeated shoreline within the inlet as required for the South Sound Inlets Paddle Pin.
All paddlers performed great in the challenging conditions and changing plans. This is a great location for a winter paddle.