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Trip Report    

Bryant Peak & Hemlock Peak

A fun pair of peaks with excellent companions on
a gorgeous day.

Summiting Hemlock first worked nicely, as it is
lower yet poses greater route-finding challenges.
Then it's a simple traverse and ridge ascent to

Overall we traveled 9.5miles and 4000' elevation
gain. Given the ample daylight hours, we took
0.5hr "first lunch" on Hemlock, and nearly an
hour on Bryant, for a 9.5hr total trip time.

There were goat prints and hair on Hemlock;
lots of wildflowers on the Melakwa trail, including
trillium, glacier lilies, false solomon seal
(both starry and large), false lily of the valley,
marsh marigold, hooker's fairybell, coralroot,,
and many others. And next to no bugs!