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Black Canyon (Umtanum Ridge)

The road was pretty rough to the trailhead, but both cars made it. We hiked up Black Canyon in the early afternoon. It was sunny and clear, but there was a light breeze. We passed the spring after 2 miles, but there was no water coming out of the pipe. We found a possible campsite about 0.2 miles from where the Black Canyon trail meets the Umtanum ridge trail. It flat area in the trees. We also saw several wild turkeys near the ridge. Once we got to the ridge, we continued east the trail for another 0.2 miles. At that point there is a trail with a warning sign on it. We followed that trail south for 0.5 miles until there are wooden boxes filled with rocks. There is a flat area there where we setup camp. After setting up camp we hiked a mile down the trail, and saw a deer and several short tailed lizards. It was very windy in the late afternoon and at night. There is no water near this campsite.