Trip Report    

Bikepack - Cle Elum Ridge—Teanaway Ridge

Fun 2-day adventure with our mountain bikes.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Fun 2 day Adventure with an Awesome Mountain bike crew in the teanaway area.

day 1: We climbed up EWOK-Fourth of July-Paul’s trail-Upper Rat Pac, and then rode TCF- the new trail-BST for the decent into the teanaway camp.  After setting up camp we rode to cheese rock and slab (massive Eocene Sandstone Slab) for great views and to try out some slab riding.  The Eocone rock dates back 56 million years and is prolific in the area.  After returning back to camp, a few of us headed over to Hidden Gem for a quick before dinner loop.  And Back to camp for our dinner! The camp is the site of an old town from the mining days which made it an extra cool spot and some say at night you can hear the music from the old dance hall days.

The next day, we woke early and were riding by 7:42am so that we could beat the rain coming in.  Our up hill track we took Carlson Tie to the new track which almost connected us back up to the top of upper rat pac.  We had to push our bikes up about 200 feet to connect into TCF and pushed a little bit up that hill. Once we connected back into Upper rat pac, we took Paul’s back to lunch slab and rode beer can all the way down to the cars. 

Lunch at the Brick (another historic site) and high fived our great adventure and perfect timing back before the rain set in.  

With the additional riding on day 1, the trip milage ended up being about 30miles, with 4322Ft accent and 4383ft decent.

Some pictures:





Photo by Evan Moses