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Big Creek Loop (Lake Cushman)

  • Mon, Jan 18, 2016
  • Big Creek Loop
  • Day Hiking

Trip date: 01/17/16. This was a pleasant hike on a rainy Sunday. It was not a downpour, just consistent light rain and tree drips. The trail is in excellent shape, easy to follow. We took the Ellinor connector trail to the Overlook bench for a great view of clouds and a bit of Lake Cushman and nearby snowy peaks. This added 2 miles rt to the 4.5 loop, and about another 500' gain.
The trail is mostly snow-free except for small patches beginning before the Ellinor junction. Continued patchy snow, about 2 inches, up to the Overlook. No microspikes needed. Tremendous amount of water flowing in all the creeks. The bridges are in great shape, and the trolls are thriving.