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Trip Report    

Big Creek Falls Taylor River

  • Mon, May 12, 2014
  • Taylor River
  • Day Hiking

Road: Middle fork road in great shape (just graded), will be closed most of the spring/summer for repaving and bridge replacements. Open some weekends (with possible delays) for a couple months [May-mid July]; check first.
Hike: Trip was good; drove Middle Fork Snoqualmie road to its end and followed the taylor river to Big Creek, then detoured and went to Otter Falls on the return trip. The cutoff to Otter falls is well marked this year. No snow to big creek. A couple small blowdown but nothing we could not easily step over. Hazards: There is a moderately difficult rock hop on this trip, but we all made it with no problems. Weather: Beautiful sunny day. Wildlife: Saw a couple frogs, winter wren, and a mosquito (although the skeeters weren't bad). Skunk cabbage is out, as are the bleeding hearts, heart leaved violets, and the salmonberries are flowering. Saw a few trillium and one or two springbeauty flowers, not to mention a strawberry plant just barely beginning to flower.