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Beyond the Forward Stroke! - Boston Harbor Vicinity

Appeared that everyone learned and had a good time.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Parking at Boston Harbor appears to becoming more and more challenging especially on nice summer days.


Unfortunatly some of the participants got caught in a traffic issue on I-5 nearly Nisqually. These participants were kind enough to call me and let me know they were not going to make it on time. I appreciate that they took the responsibility to call because of this I was able to delay the aunch time and explain the situation to the other students and they were very patient while we waited for those that got caught in the traffic jam.

i think the students learned a lot and left with the knowledge of some more advance paddle skills to take them down the road of self discovery. 

The weather could not have been nicer for a day to learn these paddle skills

we broke up into three smaller groups and one of the groups did rescue some other Kayakers that had capsized and were not of our group they had rented kayaks from Boston Harbor. They reported that these people appeared to be intoxicated and we're not wearing PFD's at the time they capsized.

For those that maybe using Boston Harbor to start a kayak trip be aware that it appears Boston Harbor and their kayak rentals may not be as responsible as they were a few years ago and you might run into kayakers that do not have a clue about safety.