Trip Report    

Beginner Snowshoe - Reflection Lakes

Rain in Seattle, snow on Reflection Lakes. We took the lakes trail from Narada falls up over the ridge (210 m) and down to the lakes and back again. 5.35km. Total elevation gain about 420 m. Snow was consolidated. Previous snowshoers had packed out a nice track.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Lovely deep tree wells. Good playground for snowshoeing. No reflections from lakes. Stevens canyon road carved out from about 3m of hard snow. There was a lower point near the lake outlet where one could access the road. We decided to snowshoe rather than hike back on the pavement.

Lovely day in the snow. Not cold. Snowy not rainy. Great exercise. There is a lot of snowshoeing left on Rainier with about 4 m of snow.

Everyone completed the trip in great style and form.