Trip Report    

Beginner Snowshoe - John Wayne Pioneer Trail (winter)

Pleasant short snowshoe hike to Humpback Creek from the Annette Lake trailhead.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Snow the entire way.  It was not too deep so fairly easy to be the lead person kicking steps.  When we got up to the John Wayne Trial the snow was a little deeper but still easy to travel.

    There was a layer of fresh powder on all the trees that was easy to sluff off but we had an early enough start that cool temperatures and low wind didn't make it too bad to be under them.

The road to the Annette Lake trailhead is deep snow.  We parked at the top of the freeway ramp (in thin snow) and hiked up from there.  Only four wheel drive enthusiasts would try to drive up to the parking area.

Snow conditions were good for snowshoeing.  A little over a mile to get to the John Wayne Trail and then we headed West a short distance to Humpback Creek.  Just past the creek is a sign warning of Avalanche danger.  (Obvious slopes on Humpback mountain.)  Shortly past the sign, still in the safe zone the views open up towards the valley up to Annette Lake and across to Granite Peak and Bandera.

As this was a beginner snowshoe we used that nice viewing spot as our turn around point.  Overall a quite pleasant walk with good snow conditions, nice views of the valley and surrounding peaks, and good views of the creek at crossing points.

We travelled around three and half miles in about three and a quarter hours.