Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Narada Falls - Reflection Lake

The field trip was moved from Rampart Ridge to Narada Falls, due to lack of snow. Most sunny days can guarantee a beautiful trip to Reflection Lake. The group enjoyed the panoramic views and route.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •   Note: Due to warm temperatures and lack of new snowfall, Rampart Ridge was dried up so the trip was moved to the alternate site; Narada Falls.

    The morning started off chilly as we left Narada Falls and headed for the lake. The sun appeared and provided royal blue skies and spectacular views in all directions. Some areas of the trail was well-traveled with packed snow.  It was noticible that the warm temperatures had already melted snow from the tree branches.  The group traveled comfortably as we adjusted layers for climbing and breaking trail in some areas. We enjoyed the warm sun on our backs as we ate lunch at Reflection Lake. We left the lake via the Lakes Trail and made it successfully back to Narada Falls. This was a new route for some members and we all had fun.  A debrief was held and everyone made it out the Longmire gate before it closed at 3pm (earlier than usual). It was a successful trip.

  The roads were dry and clear, which isn't typical for February. The parking lots at Longmire and Narada Falls were only 20% full.  The Longmire gate closed early at 3pm.